Monday, July 5, 2010

Every Jack has a Jill (Jusqu'à Toi)

Writer and Director: Jennifer Devoldere

Starring: Melanie Laurent, Justin Bartha .

Chloe (Melanie Laurent - Inglourious Basterds) is a 26-year-old Parisienne who lives in a world of anxieties, defences and missed opportunities. She is completely insensitive to the possibility that others may possess feelings just as refined as her own and seeks solace with her neighbours, Myriam (Valerie Benguigui) and Didier (Yvon Back). Her other most significant adult relationships revolved around the characters she meets at her local DVDs rental store. All this changes when there is a luggage mix-up at the airport. Chloe becomes fascinated with the contents of a stranger’s suitcase and fantasises about its owner. In the tradition of French Farce, she is wrong. The owner Jack, Chloé (The Hangover) is a young American on the rebound and visiting Paris for the first time. His friend, Rufus (Billy Boyd – Lord of the Rings), is a pithy Scot. Added comedy comes from the manager of Jack's hotel (played by the French veteran actor, Maurice Benichou) who is every bit the ‘Manuel’ of the Parisians hospitality industry. Jack is also befriended by an English couple staying at his hotel who persuades him to take the Da Vinci Code tour with them.

A light romantic comedy (sic. been done before and better).

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