Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The killer inside me

The Killer Inside Me
Director: Michael Winterbottom (24 Hour Party People, In This World, A Mighty Heart)
Starring: Casey Affleck, Kate Hudson, and Jessica Alba
Based on the novel by Jim Thompson this neo-noir styled, psychosexual thriller will have you fixed to your seat or running out of the cinema for fresh air. The movie tells the story of a small-town, stalwart, deputy sheriff Lou Ford (Casey Affleck) who is faced with mounting problems. Son of a local doctor the mild mannered lawman presents with a gentle disposition and innate sense of politeness. Not all may be as it seems. As he begins to investigate a crime, he perpetrated, the bodies start to accumulate as suspicion begins to fall upon himself. This man has a dark and deep secret which comes to goriest technicolour on a screen near you. Winterbottom pulls no punches to deliver an unflinching psychological portrait of fetishistic sexuality and submerged brutality let loose, but graphic as this is the movie is, it lacks warmth. Good performances from Affleck as Lou; Kate Hudson as Amy Stanton his girlfriend; and Jessica Alba, the town prostitute Joyce Lakeland, whose liaison with Lou triggers the unthinkable. The Killer Inside Me is stylish and beautifully shot but does contain disturbing brutal violence, aberrant sexual content, and graphic nudity. Not for the faint hearted and in my opinion there is a better movie in the same genre "Red Rock West," starring the late, great Dennis Hopper.

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