Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Writter & Director: Josh Fox

Another hard hitting documentary in the style of “What have they done to the electric car?” by Josh Fox. He sets out to examine the background to $100,000 offer for drilling rights to his family’s 16-acre homestead in the Catskill Mountains of Pennsylvania. Apparently under the family home there is an “ocean of natural gas.” Until now “fracking” a process described as extracting underground natural gas using a mixture of water, sand, and chemicals in hydraulic fracturing was uneconomical. Now all this has changed, and rural settings right across the US are being exploited. Former Vice President, Dick Cheney’s company sells the fracking technology. Enough said. Fox sets out across 24 states to investigate for himself how landowners have fared when they sold their drilling rights and been exposed the real health risks as a result of “fracking.” Allegedly among the 500 probable chemicals used in the process some are banned carcinogens. Major concerns are already expressed as to the impact of “fracking” on drinking water supplies to major US cities. Although Fox is stonewalled by companies and official bureaucracy he skillfully manages to draw out the truth. Not so much entertaining as really frightening. Worth a look.

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