Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Red Hill

Director and writer: Patrick Hughes

Starring: Ryan Kwanten; Claire van der Boom; Tom E. Lewis; and Steve Bisley

Constable Shane Cooper (Ryan Kwanten) is a big-city cop who asks to be reassigned to a small Australian town after hesitating to shoot a young junkie in the course of his duties. The sea change is ostensibly because his wife, Alice (Claire van der Boom ) is pregnant and life is simpler in the country. The city slicker arrives in a small town,( Red Hill) set ranching community for his first day at work. His new boss is sheriff, Old Bill (Steve Bisley) is less than impressed. Slowly Shane is adjusting to the quirky locals when there is news of a prison break nearby. Local bad boy, Jimmy Conway (Tom E. Lewis) has escaped for murderous vengeance. Novice Shane discovers there is more to this situation than meets the eye. Set in marvelous countryside atmospherically caught on camera by Tim Hudson this is a suspenseful thriller that pays loving tribute to the old cowboy movies. Something old, but nothing new.

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