Monday, November 29, 2010

L'Immortale (22 Bullets)

Director: Richard Berry
Starring: Jean Reno (Léon and Ronin) , Marina Foïs

Loosely based on Franz-Olivier Giesbert’s novel, L’Immortel the movie tells the tale of Charly Matteï, (Jean Reno) a reformed gangland enforcer who is plugged 22 times (hence the English title) in the first scene by masked gunman. Against the odds Matteï, lives to tell the tale (L’immortale), and with the help of cop (Marina Foïs) and hindrance from his former gangster associates seeks revenge on his inept assassins. Despite a dramatic opening the first part of Richard Berry’s movie is slow moving and what begins as a serious and gritty gangster/cop thriller, it swiftly and uncomfortably changes tempo half way through, to become an over complicated comic book action movie. Not a patch on Taken, but a Jean Reno movie is always worth the watch. Reasonable performances all round with some dodgy special effects but a great score from Klaus Badelt.

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