Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Director and Writer: Samuel Moaz

Starring: Michael Moshonov, Yoav Donat, Zohar Shtrauss, Dudu Tassa), and Ashraf Barhom.

The anti war movie tells the story of the first day of the Lebanon war in 1982 through the eyes of some soldiers in a tank. The action is set almost entirely inside the tank during the Israeli invasion. The claustrophobic setting is ideal for an unfolding drama which depicts four characters, all in their 20s, under intense pressure. Every once in a while someone drops into the tank from the outside world to add or subtract tension. The movie contains disturbing war violence, language includes sexual references, and there is some nudity which is perfect for the setting with close up photography nothing short of brilliant. The narrative is structured episodically and subtly shifts focus around each of the four main characters. The director gradually adds layers of development which place the audience firmly in each moment. Lebanon gives an insightful portrayal of men in war and is well worth your attention.

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