Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sarah's Key (Elle s'appelait Sarah)

Director: Gilles Paquet-Brenner

Starring: Kristin Scott Thomas, Melusine Mayance, Aidan Quinn , and Niels Arestrup

Based on Tatiana de Rosnay’s novel, Julia (Kristin Scott Thomas - I’ve Loved You So) is an American journalist living happily in Paris in 2009 with her husband and daughter. She is researching recent French history about the detainment of Pairs Jews when her investigations turn up a disturbing discovery: The apartment her family is moving into (which has been owned by her husband’s family for more than 60 years) was previously occupied by a displaced Jewish family. Julia believes the youngest daughter Sarah Starzynski (Melusine Mayance) of the Jewish family may still be alive and feels compelled to track her down. However all this occurs when the journalists discovers she is pregnant and her architect husband (Frederic Pierrot) does not want her to keep the child. Julia slowly comes to understand her own life by researching Sarah’s plight. Sarah was 10 when her parents and younger brother were arrested and send to a Nazi prison camps during the Vel d'Hiv roundup (th infamous July 16, 1942 roundup and imprisonment of Parisian Jews byt the Vichy regime's). A poignant tale of two women confronted by the madness of history with an excellent cinematic score by Max Richter. Well worth a watch.

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