Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wasted on the young

Director: Ben C. Lucas

Starring: Alex Russell, Oliver Ackland, and Adelaide Clemens

Another high school drama, this time step-brothers Darren (Oliver Ackland) and Zack (Alex Russell) have little in common and when Zack and his clique drug and rape Darren’s sweetheart, Xandrie (Adelaide Clemens), film explores the aftermath. Revenge by computer may have mass appeal to the (wasted) young but came over as a nasty movie crammed with cinema clichés as old as Hollywood. OTT and brimming with crass over-indulgence. The sex-obsessed, drink-and-drugs-fuelled story of school and internet bullying did not make a pleasant film going experience. But then again I am an old man.

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