Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mrs Carey's Concert

Director: Bob Connolly and Sophie Raymond

Starring: Teachers and students of the Methodist Ladies College in Burwood, Sydney

Mrs (Karen) Carey is the Director of Music at an inner-Sydney church-run private school offering music scholarships to the best and brightest. She established a biannual concert at the Sydney Opera House which involves the entire school. As part of the curriculum, students are required to participate in the event. Not all of the students however look forward to this but are none-the-less swept along anyway with Mrs Carey’s, personality, drive, and enthusiasm. The classical repertoire is demanding and a real battle of wills ensues as we observe the 18 months leading up to the big event. A true coming of age metamorphosis is captured in this lovingly crafted documentary which is a superb piece of work from one of Australia’s finest documentary maker. Compulsive viewing.

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