Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Here I am

Director: Beck Cole

Starring: Shai Pittman, Marcia Langton, and Vanessa Worrall

The movie is set in inner-city Adelaide (South Australia) and tells the story of Aboriginal prison parolee, Karen (Shai Pittman) who battles to get her life back on track. Released with nowhere to go and no visible means of support she goes to the cheap motel her mother Louis (Marcia Langton) is a cleaner. She accepts overnight accommodation at the hotel in exchange for passionless sex with a stranger. When her mother discovers what Karen has done she sends her packing. Karen takes a tiny room in Temple House women’s refuge, fifteen kilometres away in Port Adelaide.There she meets the warden, Big Red (Vanessa Worrall) and the rest of the residents of the house. Her driving ambition is to restore stability to her life, so she can regain custody of her infant daughter Rosie (Quinaiha Scott). Despite the support she has from her new found friends Karen needs to expand her skill base to support herself and child, but the bigger challenge will be to convince the child’s guardian, Lois of her new intention. A harrowing movie which is in the main well acted and complemented with a good contemporary film score.

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