Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The eye of the storm

The eye of the storm
Director: Fred Schepisi
Starring: Judy Davis, Geoffrey Rush, Charlotte Rampling
Filmed adaptation of the 1973, Patrick White novel, the movie follows the last days of aging socialite Elizabeth Hunter(Charlotte Rampling) lying dying while her spoiled children; (Sir) Basil(Geoffrey Rush), playboy actor; and Dorothy (Judy Davis) the Princess de Lascabanes, pick over their inheritance. As the fading star drifts in and out of lucidity, she torments her cash-strapped offspring, handing out jewels and her prized possessions to her nurses and attentive household staff as she continues to live extravagantly. The prodigal children find their mother as difficult in her final hours as she was in good health. All of which is compounded by the familiar pretensions and vulgarities of Australian society that drove the pair from Sydney in the first place. This is an actor’s film and one that will interest fans of Australiana. Performances are very good but the movie does drag on in places.

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