Saturday, August 6, 2011

Red Dog

Director: Kriv Stenders
Starring: Koko, Rachael Taylor, Josh Lucas, Luke Ford, John Batchelor, Arthur Angel, Rohan Nichol, Noah Taylor.

An affable Australian comedy based on a the novel by Louis de Bernieres celebrating the life and times of the famed four- legged Pilbara, Kelpie, dog (Koko), who unites an entire community of lonely miners. When trucker Tom (Luke Ford) arrives in the desolate town of Dampier (West Australia), he stops for a ‘coldy’ in the local pub. The locals seize the opportunity to recount the story of Red Dog, who befriended the community and became something of a local legend. Loved by everyone, but answerable to no one, Red Dog eventually finds his master in bus driver John (Josh Lucas), a nomadic American who also has trouble settling in the one place. John decides to stick around after the arrival of Nancy (Rachel Taylor), the saucy secretary who inevitably becomes his paramour. The movie’s emotional core is about disparate people coming together to create a community of their own. Très Australian. The screenplay by Daniel Taplitz is unashamedly sentimental so take a box of paper hankies to this movie.

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