Monday, October 31, 2011

The Tall Man

Director: Tony Krawitz

Based on the award-winning book by Chloe Hooper this is an Australian documentary about Cameron Doomadgee, (the tall man) from Palm Island Indigenous Community who was arrested for allegedly swearing at Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley and his police aide, in 2004. Doomadgee died soon after in custody from brutal injuries. Officially, the death of Doomadgee was as result of a fall following a brief confrontation with Hurley. When the news reached the Palm Islanders it sparked a violent riot. Hurley was eventually charged with the death of Doomadgee and become the first policeman in Australia to be charged in relation to a black death in custody. The documentary examines the coronial inquest that followed; the subsequent charging of Hurley for murder (who was acquitted); and the impact on the Doomadgee family and the Palm Island Indigenous Community as they struggle to understand what happened to their brother .This is a gripping and provocative film that exposes the complexities of Australia's racial politics.
Following traditional Aboriginal protocol of not naming the dead by their real names, Cameron Doomadgee was named Mulrunji after his death.

Harrowing, but not to be missed.

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