Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Arthur Christmas

Director: Sarah Smith

Voiced by: James McAvoy (Arthur), Hugh Laurie (Steve), Bill Nighy (Grandsanta), Jim Broadbent (Santa), Imelda Staunton (Mrs. Santa), Ashley Jensen (Bryony), Marc Wootton (Peter), Laura Linney (North Pole Computer), Eva Longoria (Chief De Silva), Ramona Marquez (Gwen) and Michael Palin (Ernie Clicker).

Aardman Animations (makers of Wallace & Gromit) have teamed up with Sony Pictures Animation to produce the 3 D, Arthur Christmas. Arthur Christmas (James McAvoy), is the youngest of Poppa Santa’s (Jim Broadbent) sons. He is a bumbler and kept busy answering children’s letters. Older sibling and heir apparent Steve (Hugh Laurie) has co-ordinated the high-tech production and delivery system that enables Santa to meet the gift needs of the entire world in a single night. It’s Christmas Eve, and Steve is expecting Poppa Santa (Jim Broadbent) to retire once the last present is delivered. Trouble at mill just when everyone thinks all the kids have had their Christmas presents delivered it is realized one toy has been overlooked. Can Arthur and gnarly old Grandsanta (Bill Nighy) deliver it the old-fashioned way, to save Christmas? Well you need to see this movie to find out. Far too sophisticated for most toddlers perhaps, but will suit older kids, and there is plenty to keep the adults amused here too.

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