Thursday, November 24, 2011


Director: Lars von Trier

Starring: Kirsten Dunst, Alexander Skarsgård, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Kiefer Sutherland), John Hurt, Charlotte Rampling.

Deep and meaningful well you will need to see it to make up your mind. A movie of two halves which starts off after the spectacular tableaux, which if you know the story summarizes it perfectly. Curtain rises and the setting is an all night wedding reception for Justine (Kirsten Dunst) and Michael (Alexander Skarsgård), which is being held at the palatial country estate owned by Justine’s level-headed sister Claire (Charlotte Gainsbourg) and her wealthy husband John (Kiefer Sutherland), who is given to much grumbling about how much the affair is costing him. Clearly not all is well as Justine drifts aimlessly among her oddly behaved guests. The second part of the movie finds Justine now estranged and depressed living with Claire and John. The news a rouge planet called Melancholia has Claire consumed with impending doom and John, an amateur astronomer excited at the forthcoming the event. Justine’s trance-like calm is juxtaposed with Claire’s increasing anxiety. In the end what does it all matter? Good performances from a stellar cast and excellent photography but this is a movie for the curious only.

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