Saturday, November 5, 2011


Director: Ivan Sen

Sarring: Daniel Connors, Christopher Edwards, Dean Daley-Jones, Buster Michael Connors

Set in an impoverished Australian Aboriginal community (Toomelah), this is a story about a 10 year old boy, Daniel (Daniel Connors) who strikes up a relationship with a drug dealer. Daniel is left to fend for himself with an absentee father Buster (Michael Connors), who is a drunkard and mother and old aunt who are negligent. He lives in rank poverty in a ramshackled house with no supervision. The boy has a talent for boxing but bored with his peers, seeks out a role model in the older Linden (Christopher Edwards), a local low-end drug dealer and hard man. Linden makes him part of his gang but when rival gangsta, Bruce (Dean Daley-Jones) returns from jail and threatens to take over a violent confrontation follows. Daniel is caught in the middle and finally has to take a decision which road he needs to follow. This is a coming of age movie set in the grim reality of living in poverty. Confronting, the movie is not without humour, but brutally honest and draws its acting talent from within the community.

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