Friday, December 9, 2011

The adventures of Tintin

Director: Steven Spielberg

Voices of: Jamie Bell, Daniel Craig, Andy Serkis, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Kim Stengel

Tintin (Jamie Bell), the intrepid young reporter and his dog Snowy are on the trail again of another adventure. The story combines three of Hergé’s classic tales, The Crab with the Golden Claws, The Secret of the Unicorn and Red Rackham’s Treasure. After buying a model ship at a flea market Tintin is made aware others are after the seemingly worthless replica. The villainous Ivanovich Sakharine (Daniel Craig) kidnaps Tintin and holds him captive on a ship captained by the inebriated Captain Haddock (Andy Serkis). Tintin and Snowy manage to rescue the captain from house arrest and join him in a quest to find an ancient treasure associated with the captain’s long departed ancestor Sir Francis Haddock. Aided and abetted by the Thompson Twins and others, the plot thickens in this convincing fantasy. Loaded with exotic make believe locales and graphics that are exquisite the action is nonstop with duels, high-speed vehicle chases and pirate raids. A joy to watch and a must for all Georges Remi fans and the fabulous Hergé’s Tintin.

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