Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Black & White & Sex

Director: John Winter Starring: Katherine Hicks, Anya Beresdorf, Valerie Bader, Roxane Wilson, Michelle Vergara Moore, Dina Panozzo, Saskia Burmeister, Maia Thomas Filmed in black and white, a sex worker called Angie (played by eight actors) is engaged to be interviewed by a faceless man and filmmaker (Matthew Holmes). Quizzed on camera with a small crew, the pair explore the life and times of a whore with everything from notions of self-respect to the dirty details. As the conversation takes odd twists and turns the power dynamic shifts and insecurities and motivations are slowly extracted to reveal a feisty, strong-willed character expertly fleshed out by the brilliant cast. Confronting at times the quality of the dialogue is superb, througout. The movie is shot on a single set with multi-cameras and minimalist soundscape. An interesting and original Australian movie which is absolutley first-rate.

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