Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Café de Flore

Director: Jean-Marc Vallée

Starring: Kevin Parent, Hélène Florent, Vanessa Paradis

Two stories 42 years apart intertwine. Celebrity DJ Antoine (Kevin Parent) lives in Montreal and has recently left his wife Carole (Hélène Florent) and set up a home with their two children and his new girlfriend, Rose (Evelyne Brochu). Meantime in Paris Jacqueline (Vanessa Paradis) struggles to raise her Down’s Syndrome son, Laurent (Marin Gerrier) in 1969, after her husband has walked out on them. When Laurent falls in love- with classmate Véro (Alice Dubois), who also has Down Syndrome, Jacqueline realizes with shock and anger that she is jealous of them. The association between the stories is both Antoine’s and Laurent love the eponymous song, “Café de Flore, ” which transports when they hear it them to a blissful state. The movie is told in non-chronological order, with flashbacks within flashbacks and a narrative constantly jumping back and forth across decades. Recurring images feature strongly and by the end of the movie (should you wait) the entire lives and histories of the characters gradually come together. Confused? Yes you will be in this emotional hotchpotch of love.

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