Thursday, May 10, 2012

Careless Love

Director: John Duigan

Starring: Peter O'Brien, Nammi Le, David Field, Andrew Hazzard, Hugo Johnstone-Burt, Penny McNamee, Ivy Mak

Linh (Nammi Le) is from Vietnam studying social anthropology at an Australian university in Sydney. When her father is retrenched she clandestinely works as a part-time escort to help payment with the family mortgage. By night Linh and her Thai co-worker, Mint (Ivy Mak), are driven from job to job by Dion (David Field), a genial character who briefs them on the tastes and expectations of each client and remains nearby in case there's trouble. One of her favourite regulars is an American called Luke (Peter O'Brien) who despite being a ruthless dealer is kind and considerable to her. Whilst she manages to keep her two lives separate when she meets and falls for a fellow student, Jack (Andrew Hazzard), her worlds collide and she must deal with the emotional chaos that follows. Low budget but well shot, performances are generally average in rather exploitative movie.

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