Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Holy Motors

Director: Leos Carax

Starring: Dennis Levant, Kylie Minogue, Eva Mendes, Edith Scob, Michel Piccoli

A beautifully shot fantasy about the amorphous Monsieur Oscar (Denis Levant), a shadowy figure who journeys from one alter ego to another. A captain of industry, an assassin, beggar, monster and family man this human enigma effortless shifts from identity to identity as we witness a series of encounters with Levant playing a different person (or creature) in each. The movie lends itself to various interpretations and the audience is left to ponder on the true meaning of the Iliad. A film tucked with surprise and visual spectacle which demonstrates the magic of cinema and the thrill of performance. Look out for Kylie Minogue who comes on two-thirds of the way through and sings a sad song to a former lover (Levant again) before throwing herself off the top of a Paris hotel. Enough said. Sure to be an art house classic.

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