Thursday, July 12, 2012


Director: Magnus Marten

Starring: Kyrre Hellum, Henrik Mestad, Arthur Berning, Mads Ousdal, Andreas Cappelen

Black comedy come thriller set on the Norwegian-Swedish border and based on a book by Jo Nesbø (Headhunters). Four dimwitted crooks turn on one another after a lucrative win on the football pools. Told in flashbacks Oscar (Kyrre Hellum), the lone survivor of a shoot out in a Swedish roadhouse/strip-cub, explains to detective Solor (Henrik Mestad) how he emerged unscathed, from beneath a fat, dead stripper. A gruesome tale of greed with dismemberment and disposal the order of the day. Casually violent and corpse-littered this may appeal to fans of Scandanavian crime stories but it certainly not the best example brought to celluloid.

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