Saturday, September 22, 2012

Housos VS Authority

Director: Paul Fenech
Starring: Paul Fenech, Jason (Jabba) Davis, Elle Dawe, Kevin Taumata.

Think Kath on Kim on speed (hash, smack, crack and whatever else you can lay your hands on) and you in the close vicinity. The Sunnyvale crew of Frankie (Paul Fenech), Shazza (Elle Dawe), Dazza (Jason "Jabba" Davis) and their mates are all back this time on a quest to sprinkle Shazza's mum’s ashes on top of Ayers Rock . Bound to offend finer feelings, flaunt political correctness, and challenge authority, and all in one movie. Based on Paul Fenech’s , SBS black satire set in a fictitious suburb of Western Sydney the movie involves themes of ethnicity and stereotypes, cars, sex, illicit drugs, and violence all of which combine to produce a mean-spirited dark humour. Look out for cameos from Amanda Keller, Angry Anderson, and Melissa Tkautz (Sam Kekovich’s Barbie Girl). A second TV series is planned to follow in 2013.

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