Friday, September 20, 2013

The Sunnyboy

Director: Kaye Harrison

A documentary movie about Jeremy Saxon Oxley, the charismatic lead singer of The Sunnyboys, an Australian pub band of the 80s. Oxley was a child prodigy and young surfing champion who wrote songs and mastered the guitar. He and his brother started a group which quickly rose in popularity during the Punk era. Initially they enjoyed immense success but Oxley was battling bipolar disease and drinking heavily. As a result sales floundered and the band broke up in 1984 and Oxley withdrew from the Australian music scene. Over the following decades the lead sing was able to repair his life and relationships and re-emerge valiantly with his old band to perform again in 2012.` Kaye Harrison explores the life and times of Jeremy Saxon Oxley. The Sunnyboy also features lots of music, archive photos and footage of the band from their musical heyday and beyond. A must see for all Sunnyboy fans and everyone interested in learning more about bipolar disease.

THE SUNNYBOY TRAILER from Kaye Harrison on Vimeo.

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