Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Wee Man

Director: Ray Burdis

Starring: Martin Compston, Denis Lawson, Daniel Kerr, Patrick Bergin, (Stephen McCole, John Hannah

Set in Glasgow in the 70s and 80s the movie is based on the memoirs of Glasgow gangland figure, Paul Ferris. Young tear away Paul Ferris (played as a child by Daniel Kerr: then adult, Martin Compston) grows up street wise the housing schemes of outer Glasgow where he is tormented by local bullies. Frustrated by the endless harassment including the killing of his pet dog, the older Ferris eventually retaliates. The joy he experiences gives him a rush like no other, and he soon embarks on a life of violent crime. Local crime boss, Arthur “The Godfather” Thompson (Patrick Bergin) likes the look of the young thug and takes him into his firm but this also provokes the displeasure of Thompson’s inadequate son, ‘Fat Boy’ (Stephen McCole). Rival mobster, the sinister, Tam McGrawn (John Hannah), capitalizes on the tension by turning them both against each other. Ferris needs to make sense of it all before it all descends in chaos. Stark viewing in places it tells a story of how even a good lad can go feral when in the company of bad people.

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