Thursday, May 1, 2014


Director: Craig Monahan
Starring: Hugo Weaving, Don Hany, Mark Leonard Winter, Xavier Samuel

A meandering story about triumph over human frailty. Viktor Khadem (Don Hany), a convicted killer from Iran spends his final years of an 18-year prison sentence in a low-security prison farm run. Keen ornithologist and case worker Matt Perry (Hugo Weaving) recommends bereft Khadem takes part in caring for ailing birds in the prison farm's new bird sanctuary. Viktor uncharacteristically takes to the task and recruits his troubled roommates Paul (Xavier Samuel) and Shane (Mark Leonard Winter) and together they reassemble some semblance of their lives despite the menace from fellow inmates. Fine photography from cinematographer Andrew Lesnie, some good support especially Hugo Weaving, but otherwise little else to make this movie memorable. Definitely not Kes.

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