Friday, July 25, 2014

Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie

Director: Ben Kellett

Starring : Brendan O'Carroll, Rory Cowan, Robert Bathurst, Pat Shields, Paddy Houlihan, Eilish O’Carroll, Danny O’Carroll

Rarely does a TV sit com translate to the big screen and Mrs Brown’s Boys D movie is no exception. Agnes Brown (Brendan O'Carroll) is a Dublin housewife and Moore Street trader. She is facing financial ruin and under threatening pressure from a sinister property developer along with Russian heavies to sell her stall. Agnes rallies the troops and her sons Mark (Pat Shields), Rory (Rory Cowan) and Dermot (Paddy Houlihan), next-door neighbour Winnie (Eilish O’Carroll), along with boozy solicitor Buster Brady (Danny O’Carroll) come to the rescue. Look out for the hapless Blind ninjas but if you are offended by a stream of expletives cover your ears. In the final court room battle a posh barrister (Robert Bathurst) with Tourette's tries his best to save the day. Full of low-brow jokes and smutty innuendos. There are a few good belly laughs and the rest is pure pantomime. I loved the inclusion of mucked up scenes which raises this average comedy into the surreal. Don’t miss the beginning of the movie otherwise you will miss the best gag.

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